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Cass Career Center FFA Awarded at Area Banquet

The Cass Career Center FFA members attended the FFA Area VII banquet on March 21, 2017. The banquet was held in Clinton, Missouri, at the Community Center where over 200 people attended.Members of the Cass Career Center received numerous awards.

One outstanding accomplishment made by a member of the chapter was done by Junior Nick McCleave, who was elected the new Area VII FFA President for 2017-2018.

“It’s a great opportunity to not only lead the chapter but also the area and all the schools it encompasses,” McCleave said.

In addition, the following members of the Cass Career received Proficiency Awards in different categories:

Spencer Proch-1st in Ag Mechanics Repair

Alexis Taylor-2nd in Agricultural Sales

Zach Bolinger- 1st in Beef Production Entrepreneurship

Chase Bronson-1st in Beef Production Placement

Kurt Poisal- 2nd in Diversified Agricultural Production

Lucas Filer-1st in Diversified Crop Production Placement

Slater Helt-1st in Diversified Horticulture

Elizabeth Cowan-3rd in Diversified Livestock Production

Kyle Fiore-1st in Environmental Science

Melanie Riggs-2nd in Equine Science Entrepreneurship

Kenzie Grist-1st in Equine Science Placement

Amanda Rushly-1st in Food Service

Nick McCleave-1st in Forage Production

Ty Cook-1st in Goat Production

Tyler Allison-1st in Home Developement

Jace Rutledge-1st in Outdoor Recreation

Jesse Wallen-1st in Poultry Production

Triston Gilbert-2nd in Wildlife Management

Two members of the Cass Career Center received two awards that are very difficult to earn. Sierra Cauthon won the Area Star in Ag Placement Award while Zach Bolinger earned the Area Star Farmer Award. These two awards take four years of dedication and hard work to earn.