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Prom Corsages and Boutonnieres

Corsages and boutonnieres are an aspect of prom that is often overlooked until the last second. With all the fuss about the dress, tux, makeup, and hair, it is easy to forget about the little flower accessories.

Corsages for the girls tend to be more expensive than boutonnieres. Prices for corsages can range from $15-$45. Boutonnieres generally cost $15-$25.

They can be bought at a high end floral shop, or even at Price Chopper.

Traditionally, the boys buy the corsage for their dates. With both the boutonniere and the corsage, it can start to get pricey.

A less expensive option for the craft savvy is to make a do-it-yourself version. Tutorials on Youtube can show how to construct them.

This allows for more personalization in the accessory. Real or fake flowers in any color can be used to create the desired design.