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Prom Court Announced for This Year’s Event

This year’s prom court has been announced:


  1. Connor Adams
  2. James Chiles
  3. Keller Hayes
  4. Dalton Hayden
  5. Ellis Liles
  6. Shelby Weisman


  1. Randi Buerge
  2. Kristen Fields
  3. Sammie Poyner
  4. Baylee Streit
  5. Kelsey Youngblood
  6. Jazmyn Zielenski

The candidates for the prom court are chosen from a list of the senior class. The seniors get to circle five girls and five boys they want to be on the prom court. Members of the prom committee tally up all of the selections to create the court. Usually the court is made up of only five boys and five girls, but there was a tie this year, so the committee made it six and six.

To select the king and queen is much simpler because there are fewer people to choose from, and the voting is done on computers.  All seniors will receive a Google form and can only select one boy and one girl. They also can vote only once and voting is only done by the senior class.

This year’s winners will be announced at the beginning at prom which will be held on Saturday, April 1.