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Dating in High School

Dating in high school can be very confusing from time to time. It’s hard trying to sort out your love life while balancing your school work and your social life.

For many teenagers in 2017, the idea of dating involves searching for a partner over the internet and building new dating rules and taboos along the way. However, there are still some teenagers who go out on actual dates these days.

“The best date I’ve ever had was on my birthday,” senior Eleanor Dick said. “The guy I was dating took me to the Nelson Atkins Museum, and he planned a picnic. It was really sweet!”

“My best date was when I took a girl to dinner, although we hardly ate because we made a lot of conversation,” senior Shelby Wiseman said. “Later I took her to the park and we just sat and talked about everything.”

Dating isn’t always as smooth sailing as it seems in fairytales. Everyone has the occasional bad date. Here are a few examples of really crummy dates that unfortunately happen from time to time.

“The worst date I’ve ever been on was with this guy who turned the music up so loud in the car that we had no time to talk to each other,” said senior Kelsey Youngblood. “Plus he stopped at this girl’s house, and then made me take a picture of the two of them!”

“One time this girl and I were eating dinner with my family, and she got up from the dinner table at the restaurant and ran to the bathroom. My family and I saw her throw up on a rug,” junior Nicholas Laughlin said.

Junior Lacey Williams tells a story about an awkward encounter she experienced:

“In 7th grade this boy asked me on a date and told me to bring a friend, which sounded weird, but I did it anyway. The boy brought his big brother and took my friend and I to a public library to play four squares. It was a really weird setting for a date,” Williams said.

Occasionally, your date gets nervous and says something he doesn’t mean to say.

“It was Valentine’s Day and my husband and I were watching TV. He romantically looked over at me and said, ‘Happy Thanksgiving’,” Wickstrom said.

Or other times mother nature just gets in the way.

“I actually went to Jose Peppers with my boyfriend and his family. All of the sudden tornado sirens went off and I ended up crying in front of his family because I was scared,” senior Eleanor Dick said about her scary date.

First impressions can make big impacts on whether you have future dates or not.

“Every time this girl and I hung out or went to the movies, I came home with a lot of makeup stains on my right and left t-shirt shoulders,” said Bliss, “I never actually knew what her face looked like without the makeup, so it was a little strange. I hate to say I ended things because of the excessive makeup, but I did.”

Sometimes, a bad first date ends up being the only date.

“This boy and I were sitting on his couch and he tried to hold my hand. I rejected him because it was our first date,” junior Rylee DeHues said. “Then we went outside and he went for a kiss. I told him I wasn’t interested in that way yet, and then I slapped him and walked away.”