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Peyton Manning: the Most Overrated NFL QB

The only thing quarterback Peyton Manning should be known for during his time in the NFL is being very overrated. He has not accomplished enough to be considered the best quarterback in the NFL. I believe Tom Brady holds that title. I have good reasons to back up my claim that Peyton Manning is Trash compared to other great quarterbacks.

Manning has LOST MORE PLAYOFF GAMES THEN HE HAS WON. His good statistics in the regular season – and he does hold the record for the most touchdowns and yards – don’t mean anything if he can’t win a game when it counts in the playoffs. His playoff record is 14 losses and only 11 wins. Brady has 25 wins and only nine losses in the playoffs. Peyton chokes when his season is on the line.

Manning has been a consistent disappointment throughout his whole football career. He has a 4-11 record against Brady, who has owned Manning his whole career. Manning has also been with great teams his whole career, giving him no excuse for his poor playoff performance. You can’t keep making excuses for the big foreheaded man. When his team wins, it’s all because of him. When the team, loses it’s everybody’s fault but Manning’s.  

Manning has five MVP awards compared to Brady’s four. This is funny because Manning only won a Super Bowl one of those years, while Brady earned them after winning Super Bowls. So did Manning really earn those awards, or is he the media’s golden boy? Either way, MVP awards are not won like Super Bowls; they are voted on by the sports media. Why the sports media favors Manning is unknown, but given his performance on the field, their favoritism seems undeserved.