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Volley Ball Tournament

To kick off this year’s courtwarming celebrations, a volleyball tournament will be held at the Harrisonville High School on tonight. Eleven teams will face off in the tournament. Winners will continue to advance, but there will also be a losers bracket after a team has its first loss in the tournament.
One team that entered the volleyball tournament is the “Muffin Stuffers,” which is made up of six people: Joe Bowers, Jackson Crowley, Jasper Davis, Lane Powers, Jack Charlton, and Kurt Poisal (all juniors). Powers is unsure how his team will fare in the tournament.
“Depends on what the competition holds,” Powers said. “We have a lot of athletic abilities on the team some of the best in state and 100 percent sure in conference.”
Powers has very high hopes for his team, though he has no previous experience playing volleyball.
Another participant in the tournament, junior Dustin Lee, thinks his team has a really good chance of winning. “We play a lot of volleyball in the summer, and I think that will give us a pretty big advantage in the competition,” Lee said.
The tournament starts at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free.