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Why Tom Brady is the Best Quarterback to Ever Live

No one can really argue that Tom Brady isn’t one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. But is he “the” best quarterback of all time? For me, the answer is yes. Why is he the best quarterback? Well, let’s look at what he has done the past 15 years as a starter.

First and foremost, he is the only quarterback to win five Super Bowls out of his seven appearances – and then earn four MVP awards. He has also led the Patriots to 14 division titles, which is more than any other quarterback. He also has been to and won more playoff games, which is more than any other player in any other football position.

“I believe he is the best,” said senior Brandon Eickhorst, who played quarterback for the Wildcat football team this year. “He has five rings. Not a lot of players can say that.”

Now let’s get to his individual statistics. He is fourth all time in career passing yards and touchdown passes behind Drew Brees, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning. Still, Tom Brady is better than all of them, other than winning more games and Super Bowl rings. For example, Drew Brees had a lucky couple of years but is now unreliable on the field and with his team, unlike Tom Brady, who has played consistently for 15 years.

Brett Favre, so far, had a longer career and is now retired. He played well with Green Bay, but then did horribly with the other three teams he has played on because he got old and inconsistent. Peyton Manning is just trash in my opinion, but I’ll save that explanation for another day. Tom Brady leads them all with 97.2 career passer rating.

Tom Brady also has traits that it’s hard to measure. Looking at his career record and his time on the field, it’s clear he has more heart and mental toughness than any other quarterback.

Consider his experience in the 2000 draft. He was laughed upon at the NFL Combine when he ran a 5.28 40-yard dash. He was the sixth round draft pick. He was expected to be picked at least second or third round, so he was shocked when six other quarterbacks were picked before him. He was so embarrassed that he briefly left his home during the sixth round. Then he got a call from the Patriots that he was drafted. Brady is considered to be the greatest steal in the history of the NFL Draft.