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Boys Basketball Falls to Odessa

On Tuesday night, the Harrisonville Boy’s basketball team took a hard loss to the Odessa Bulldogs, losing 52-43. Playing really well, the Cats led the game at half time, 24-22.

Senior Dalton Lee had a couple good drives to the bucket with an incredible three pointer. The Cats have struggled offensively this season, but their defense always puts them up close with their opponents.

“I thought we played good team basketball, the energy level was high in the first half but we ended up short in the second,” said Lukas Hinson.  The Cats had most of the possession time in the first half, which kept the score close. There were also great defensive stops that set the tempo of the game.

“I think our team does not have the size on the floor, but are one team that gives the most effort,” said senior captain Aaron Prindle.

“Most of our guys like to get focused and pump themselves up before every game so they are ready to go out and play to the best of their ability,” said Prindle.

The next home game is set for Monday, Feb. 13, at 7 p.m.