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Wildcat Wrestlers Head to Districts

Despite the tough season, Harrisonville high school wrestlers are not giving up. The varsity team will be going to the district tournament at Raytown South on Friday and Saturday.

All the varsity wrestlers are looking forward to the district tournament and are preparing themselves mentally and physically.

Sophomore Jamie Gray, who wrestles at the 220-pound weight class, said he knows what he wants to accomplish.

“My goal is to make it as far as I can, to my best abilities,” Gray said.

Junior Braden Danner explained what his mindset will be during the tough competition he will face.

“My mindset is to go out there and win. Nobody’s going to beat me,” Danner said.

The competition at this year’s tournament will be challenging.

“Districts is tough because out of sixteen spots only four people go so it’s a big fight,” Danner said. “Everyone wants to go to state.”