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Lady Gaga Wows at Super Bowl

Lady Gaga performed during halftime at the 2017 Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 5. The eight-song show contained a few of her top hits, and some say it held a hidden political message.

She started her set off with a beautiful rendition of God Bless America/This Land is Your Land. After recent events, many believed the song choice was a way of publicly sharing her stances.

Gaga did not directly state that it was her goal to make a political statement, but the performance she put on suggested there was a hidden message in the songs she had chosen.

Through her some of her lyrics, Gaga showed her support for all people and just all around love and acceptance for everyone. If she was making a political statement, she did it with class and elegance.

As the show went on, Gaga continued to stun with her live vocals and powerful dance numbers.

Gaga’s job was to put on an entertaining show, and she did just that. The background dancers, lights, and pyro were all incredibly exciting, but what really stuck out was her outstanding voice.

Throughout all the intense dance numbers, Gaga’s voice was as strong as ever. As she sat at the piano to play her latest hit, “Million Reasons,” her talent was further showcased.

After performing the slower song on her set, Gaga ended her show with a bang. As she sang, “Bad Romance,” pyro explosions shot off in all directions, making the performance even more entertaining to watch.

As the last song came to a close, Gaga dropped her mic off a raised platform. She took a step forward and leapt straight off the stage.

Gaga dazzled the audience from the time she stepped on stage to the moment she made her grand exit.