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Q & A with Homecoming Candidates Hartzler and Hix

Question 1: What do you want to do after you graduate?

Vivian Hartzler: “I want to go to college, but I’m still undecided. I want to major in elementary education.”

Keegan Hix: “I want to go to Missouri State, and I’m not sure what to study yet.”


Question 2: What will you miss the most about high school?

Vivian Hartzler: “Probably being surrounded by my friends all the time, and family too because when I go to college I’m going to miss them.”

Keegan Hix: “I’ll just kind of miss the small town environment. Everybody knows everybody.”


Question 3: What’s your favorite 90’s jam?

Vivian Hartzler: She doesn’t have a favorite 90’s jam, but she did say, “My favorite current song… ‘All I Have’ by NF.”

Keegan Hix: “‘I Want You Back’ by NSYNC”


Question 4: What do you think cats dream about?

Vivian Hartzler: “I’d say they dream about chasing mice.”

Keegan Hix: “Taking more naps, I guess.”


Question 5: If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose? Why?

Vivian Hartzler: “Cinderella because she never complained then she got her Prince Charming and married him. Who doesn’t want that?”

Keegan Hix: “Flynn Rider from Tangled because he’s good at what he does and he gets the girl.”


Question 6: What exotic pet would you like to have?

Vivian Hartzler: “Those little baby monkeys. I think that’d be fun.”

Keegan Hix: “Snow leopard because they look cool and they’re my favorite animal.”


Question 7: What’s one thing on your bucket list?

Vivian Hartzler: “I really want to go skydiving. I love heights. It kind of freaks me out, but I love it!”

Keegan Hix: “I’d like to travel around the world and see as many countries as I can before I die.”