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HHS Students Predict the Outcome of the Super Bowl

Will the Patriots pull off their fifth super bowl title win? Or can the peaking Falcons achieve their much needed Super Bowl win? The game will be Sunday, Feb. 5, at 5:30 PM on FOX. The game will be played at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Most people at HHS want the Falcons to win but not because they really like the Falcons; they just want to see the Patriots lose.

“I am rooting for the Falcons because I don’t want Tom Brady to get another Super Bowl ring,” said junior Jamiel Batiste.

This is not the first rodeo for most of the Patriots’ players. The Patriots have been to seven Super Bowls in the last 20 years.

On the other hand, this is the first Super Bowl appearance for the Falcons since 1998, and it would also be their first win.

Sophomore CJ Kaderly thinks the outcome of the game will be decided by the team’s quarterbacks.

“Tom Brady and Matt Ryan will be key players, but Tom Brady is way better,” said sophomore CJ Kaderly.

“I think the Patriots are a powerhouse,” said senior Austin Schaub. “But I also think the Falcons are on a hot streak, which could play to their advantage.

“I think it will be a close, competitive game, but the Patriots will come out on top.”

History teacher Logan Kelim agrees about who will win.

“If I had to bet money, I’d bet on the Patriots, but if you ask who I’m rooting for, it’s the Falcons,” he said. “I’d just like to see someone else besides the Patriots win.”