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Alex Smith’s Future with the Chiefs

Should the Chiefs cut Alex Smith, the best quarterback they have had in years, or try to make it work? That is the question many people have been asking since Sunday, Jan. 15, after the Chiefs lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Alex Smith has been a good team leader for the Chiefs since he came from the 49ers four years ago.

He and Andy Reid, the Chiefs’ head coach, have really turned the team around from where they were. Part of that improvement comes from an investment in good, young players.

For example, they drafted Travis Kelce, a tight end, and Tyreek Hill, a wide receiver this year. These two players have the potential to help the Chiefs keep improving over the years. Smith and all the other superstars on the team have a lot of potential to win a super bowl in the future.

The Chiefs just have to keep working on their weak spots, and it’s true that Smith does have room for growth as quarterback. However, that doesn’t mean he should be let go. If you ask me, cutting Alex Smith is most definitely not going to happen. The coaches and the team love him and would never drop their high potential players.

There are no good quarterbacks out there even if they do cut Alex Smith. Tony Romo, Deshaun Watson and Ryan Fitzpatrick are free agents, but could they really be successful for the Chiefs? At 36, Romo is past his prime, Watson is a junior at Clemson, so if he decides to enter the draft he will already taken by a horrible team like the Browns or Jaguars, and Fitzpatrick just lacks the talent the Chiefs need.

The Chiefs also won’t have early draft picks because they were No. 2 in the AFC. What this means is they will not get high-quality talent. No one should even consider cutting Alex Smith because Chiefs will most likely regret it.