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Oklahoma! lassos in a good time

The newest and last school musical of the year was Oklahoma!, a Western-themed romance. The show’s opening night was on April 13, and it showed through Saturday, April 16.


The musical, as with all previous musicals and plays, has well-made sets that are detailed and fitting. Though sometimes they reuse the same prop multiple times, such as the house and doorway.


The cast was well chosen and the voices amazing. All of the actors and actresses impressed with their vocals and acting.


One thing that caused a few problems during the musical was the technical issues. When mics were too loud or fell off, or when the house lights flicked on mid-scene, I found it difficult to stay immersed in the storyline of the play.


Sometimes things just didn’t go the actors’ way. One example was when a character went to lasso something or someone but missed, only to try and miss again. But even still, things such as these are understandable and easily dismissable.


There were moments, as there always are, when actors and actresses would also break character. Although these are often shunned, they can sometimes be hilarious, such as in this play. When the thespians break character to laugh, you can’t help but to laugh, as well.


Overall, the musical was impressive, funny, and felt alive and wonderful. This reviewer gives it a solid three out of five lassos.