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Winter Homecoming court: Elizabeth Gibbs and Mateo Gonzalez

Elizabeth Gibbs and Mateo Gonzalez, two of our biggest basketball stars, are one of the five groups competing for the Winter Homecoming crown. Elizabeth is 17, and is planning to attend the College of the Ozarks this fall. In addition to making free throws, Gibbs can also make a great array of baked goods. Gonzalez is 17, and he plans on going to the University of Central Missouri this fall. In Gonzalez’s free time, he likes to binge watch Criminals Minds or the Office, depending on the day.

Some fun candidate 411:

  • What is a Disney character that represents you? E: Rapunzel because we have the same hair. M: Mr. Potato Head because of the mustache.
  • What is a quote you want to be remembered by? E: “Break the wrist and walk away.” M: “I went through what I went through because God said go through it.”