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Winter Homecoming court: Ben Stryon and Kristen Koch

Kristen Koch and Ben Styron, the power couple of this year’s court, are another of the five groups competing for the Winter Homecoming court. Koch is 17; she plans on going to Missouri Southern State University this fall. One of Koch’s talents is her amazing running ability. Styron, who is 18, has yet to decide where to attend college this fall. Something he does that many don’t know about is that he loves to play with Legos.

Some fun questions we asked the candidates:

  • What is a Disney character that represents you? K: Belle because she is so down to Earth. B: Tarzan because I’m just trying to fit in.
  • What is a quote you want to be remembered by? K: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” B: “Work hard, have integrity, and be the best you can be.”