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Community college is not a bad option

Since I am a senior, it is practically mandatory that colleges be on the brain. Everytime you talk to a family friend or another adult, it is the first question they ask: So, where are you going to college?

There are a lot of options to consider when choosing colleges. Location, size and cost all have to be taken into account. What should not be among the reasons you choose a certain college is the college’s prestige.

I despise the bias that many people have against community colleges and the like. For students in the A+ program, they can attend many community colleges for free. There is nothing wrong with going to a community college. It does not make you less of a person or less of a student. It just allows you to have less debt.

We as people assume that intelligence is determined by the merit of the college that someone attends. As if the next Einstein could not be found at Longview.

By attending a lesser-known college, students do not give up their education. They are not doomed to a lower standard of living. By going to a college that a student can afford and is comfortable with, he or she is getting an education that suits him or her personally. Just because it does not suit you does not give you permission to look down upon him or her for it. Attending a community college is not a forfeit of education.

Every person is different. You have no right to look down on anyone because their personal choices are not similar to yours, in this specific case: college choice.