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It is time to move on from “Frozen”

On November 27, 2013,  “Frozen” came out in theaters. After six awards, 3.2 million copies sold and hundreds of covers of “Do you Wanna Build a Snowman?” on YouTube, the songs and quotes can still be heard floating through the air from the far corners of the hallways.

Now, I love “Frozen” as much as the next Disney-obsessed teenage girl, but I think that it has been overused. Everywhere you look, “Frozen” is somewhere to be seen. I have heard “Let it Go” so many times in the past year that it is perpetually stuck in my head. There is new merchandise being released daily, from dolls to shirts, coffee cups to jelly beans. On Halloween, everyone and their mother wanted to be Elsa. Anna and Elsa even have a spot on “Once Upon a Time”.  When a song or movie becomes so popular it rivals “The Lion King,” it takes awhile to fade out of the mainstream. That does not mean that a year later it is necessary to blame Elsa for the frosty weather.

People keep talking about it being an unconventional Disney movie, but to be honest, many of the “unconventional” aspects appear in other movies. The love interest turned bad guy is Kocoum from “Pocahontas”. A strong female character trying to protect those that she loves is Mulan. The inanimate object brought to life by magic is Lumiere from “Beauty and the Beast”. Questioning the idea of marrying a prince you just met is shown in “Enchanted”.  Animal sidekicks are in every disney movie. Technically, “Frozen” is just a copy of everything people love about other Disney movies put together into one.

Also, there are quite a few questions that I would like to be answered. Like, how exactly does Elsa get her ice powers? Was she cursed? Or was it genetics? And was it just coincidence that Kristoff was raised by the same trolls that helped Elsa’s family when they were young? And what’s with the trolls anyways? How do they know so much about frozen hearts?  And if Anna was so bored that she was talking to paintings, why didn’t she notice that they had so many plates? Didn’t she explore at all? And who took care of Arendale after their parents died? They make it seem like the castle was abandoned but the two of them. They had to have servants. They’re royalty for crying out loud!  Elsa was locked in her room and Anna seems kinda flighty to rule a country. It just doesn’t make sense. I want answers.

I get it. It is an adorable movie with catchy songs and quirky characters, but after a year, the repetitiveness just gets annoying. Everyone needs to take Elsa’s advice and let it go (Admit it. You sang that in your head. See what I mean?). I am hoping that Disney will soon come out with a new princess and this “Frozen” fiasco will come to an end. I mean, look at “Brave”. Once “Frozen” came along, everyone forgot about the headstrong red-head that everyone was gaga over the previous year. “Frozen” is a fad that needs to go out of style as soon as possible. Calm down on the references and merchandise and move on to newer, better things. And before I get asked this: No, I do NOT want to build a snowman.