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This generation should take pride in who we are

I was a part of “the best decade ever” for a whopping 3.2 years. This, technically, makes me a “real 90s kid” but I could not tell you a single significant thing about that time.

Oh yeah, I remember the 90s, learning to walk, potting training . . . the 90s were great. Only the “real 90s kids” will ever understand why that generation is so proud of the decade they grew up in for absolutely no reason at all.

While hearing a 20-something year old reminisce over those wonderful years filled with Pokémon and the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” can be incredibly monotonous, our generation should take a page from their book.

These are our high school years; we are not ever going to get them back. Enjoy taking your selfies and drinking your pumpkin spice lattes. Go ahead and tweet your life away. Someday, we will look back on all of the things we have right now and miss them. iPads will be our Gameboy Colors and One Direction our N*SYNC.

I hate it when I hear someone start to bash our generation: “This generation with their intelligent cellular devices and their noses stuck in technology.” We are no different than those that have come before us; all we did was trade mix tapes and burnt CDs for iTunes playlists.

Do not ruin it for the younger generations either. Yes, there are babies with iPads and second graders with smart phones. No, you did not have that when you were younger but that does not make it wrong. We are too young to become the crotchety old geezers complaining about walking to school uphill both ways in a blizzard and misunderstanding the generations younger than us.

The moments we experience now are ours to claim. We should not be hung up on the negatives of the culture around us, because like it or not this is our culture, we should embrace it. Send a socially unacceptable amount of annoying Snapchats and watch Vines until your heart is content, because one day we will be too old for twerking and bad rap music and miss the days when these things were our biggest concerns.