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Freshman need to accept their place in high school

At some point and time we were all freshmen. We were the “freshmeat” of the school, the bottom of the totem pole. Everyone automatically starts there. Every year, I hear freshmen complain (I will not deny it, I complained as well) it is not fair that seniors call seniority in sports and other school activities. Every single class went through it; freshmen, you will be fine. The seniors in the last few years have made it a point to include the underclassmen and treat them decently, and I applaud them for that. In past years; I know upperclassmen have not been the most friendly to freshmen.

When I was a freshman, the seniors I knew were not awful, but I had a healthy respect that they were seniors and I was a freshmen; I knew my place. There were some seniors I was terrified to speak to; when I run into them now I am surprised they even know my name. They were not downright mean, but they expressed that they were going to call the shots; I mean, after all they earned it. They were the oldest class in the high school. They had traveled through the ranks of underclassmen. They were once in the same shoes I was in; they too were once freshmen.

Just because you are in high school does not mean you are a hot shot. In all reality, it is the seniors’ time to shine. They have worked the last three years to improve in what they love, whether that be sports, academics, clubs or any other activity. Though this is your first year to experience high school, it is their last. Trust me freshmen, in three years it will be your senior year and it will be your year to shine. I hope that you will also become like the upperclassmen now and make the underclassmen feel included. I know you are capable of that and much more.

The seniors in the previous years, and this year, have done an amazing job making sure that the underclassmen are involved. But freshmen, give the seniors the respect they deserve and that you will deserve someday. They have gone through all of the first days of practice, all of the hard classes and all of the drama that comes with high school. They have worked hard to earn their senior year.