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School organizations contribute to Head Start program

On Thursday, December 15, student council visited Head Start to deliver “presents from Santa”. Student council collected donations from various HHS organizations in order to buy the gifts.

Harrisonville’s Head Start is a preschool program which serves 47 lower-income families. The children at Head Start range in ages from six weeks to five years.

As the student council students placed presents under the Christmas tree, loud cheering was heard from the children down the hall. Once all the presents were unloaded, the children sang “Jingle Bells” as they filed into the room. Student council members helped carry in some of the babies and toddlers.

Student council president, Cal Neill, dressed up as Santa and sat next to the tree. Presents were distributed to the children, who waited anxiously for their name to be called.

The children opened their presents in unison. The room was filled with noise as the children showed their Barbie dolls, Candyland games, hats, gloves, and Spiderman action figures to their friends and preschool teachers.

Head Start Family Advocate Mary Baltzell enjoyed seeing the children receive their presents.

“This is such a blessing. These families are low-income, and this is the big part of [the children’s] Christmas presents. It’s such a gift to our families,” said Baltzell.

Center Director, Nina Glaviano, also had positive things to say about the Christmas party.

“It’s very heartwarming to see this many young people so excited about helping others,” said Glaviano.

Student council received donations from the HHS Royal Regiment, the Drama Club, the Key Club, the Swim Team, DECA, Boys’ Basketball, FMP, the Cheer Team, NHS, the SSO Office, the Color Guard, Robotics, the Dance Team, HHS Choirs, FFA, Vickie Hamilton, Sarah Cummings, Andy Campbell and H.T. Adams. Overall, the donations totaled roughly 650 dollars.

Student council sponsor, Crystal Twidwell, felt that student council received a positve turnout from fellow organizations.

“We are very impressed with how many groups donated and with the generosity and participation from the organizations and teams. We look forward to doing this again next year,” said Twidwell.